The Complete Social Media Tipping Guide

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What is social media tipping ?

Social media tipping is simply a great way to show someone how much you appreciate their content. Let's say your friend "Bob Blogger" has a blog and posts great stories that you enjoy reading every day on his blog. By being a social media tipper you can let "Bob Blogger" know just how much his content is appreciated. Simply send Bob a tip using some cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or HTML5coin. This not only lets Bob know his content is appreciated but also gives him an opportunity to profit from what he obviously loves doing, creating great content to share with you! What a great way to say "Thank you, have some HTML5coin for your great content!"

A Social Media Utopia

Imagine a world where everyone is compensated for doing the things they really love to do. A musician or DJ that posts his or her music online for your enjoyment can now receive compensation for their efforts through social media tipping. Listen to the song, download the song, enjoy the song, tip the artist and let them know they're appreciated. Not to mention the artist now has more incentive to post more great music for your listening pleasure.

Use your imagination, because in this world the sky's the limit. Did you enjoy that delicious recipe for the ultimate chocolate chip cookies your friend posted on her site? Send her a tip and let her know. Everyone loves feeling appreciated.

Looking for some decent stock photography or graphics for your website? In the world of social media tipping, shareable content can be found all over the web. Download the images you want to use, share some HTML5coin or other cryptocurrency with the artist or photographer and feel free to use the content on your project knowing that the artist has been compensated for his or her work.

As a content creator, imagine your best work going viral and people all over the internet tipping your work. Imagine how much extra revenue this could generate. All for simply doing what you love to do. This is a terrific concept for writers, musicians, poets, youtubers, graphic designers, bloggers, and the list goes on and on.

You could also incentivize your content. Maybe you created some really great content and you want to share it with the world. If only you could get more retweets or shares. Now you can, offer a bounty for retweets and shares. Simply leave a message with your content that says something like, "I'll pay 500 HTML5coin for every retweet and share!" This also works with blog offers, ads, or announcements you want to get out there. In the world of Social Media Tipping, a little satoshi or HTML5coin can go a long way.

Lets Get Started

O.k. lets get started with this. There are multiple ways you can start getting involved in social media tipping. The easiest way is to just start doing it.

1) Post Your Address or QR Code

One of the easiest ways to get started is to simply post your address. You can add your long address like this HTML5coin address:


You could also create a QR code that can be used by smartphones and computer software that's designed to find QR codes in web pages. Like this:

When you see the address or QR code on a web page or post you like, just tip it from your wallet with whatever amount of HTML5coin or cryptocurrency of your choice. You could also add this to e-mail and forum signatures, and social posts. The above QR code and address both work so if you want to test it out and send me some HTML5coin please feel free to test away ! Proceeds will end up as part of my tipping campaign.

Now that your tipbot is loaded tipping someone is as easy as typing:

@whitepumatipbot give 500 HTML5 to @whoever_username add your personal message here.

This works pretty much the same way on instagram and twitter, here's an example tweet. will also supply you with HTML code for a button or widget to place on your website. If someone wants to tip you all they have to do is click the button or widget, a screen pops up and loads the different coins the website accepts. Hopefully they accept and you choose HTML5coin :)
Click the widget or button found in the bottom right hand corner of picture, and window pops up for currency selection to tip with. Great feature and easy to plug into any website.
3)Social tipping on forum sites.

There are a lot of different forum sites on the WWW. One of the easiest ways to participate in social tipping on forum sites is to include your long address or QR code in your forum signature. This is usually set up on your forum profile page. Where it asks you to set up your signature just add your HTML5coin or other cryptocurrency long address.


Some people even use a QR code for their avatar on forum sites. This is probably acceptable on most cryptocurrency forums but you may want to check with the forum admins to make sure this is acceptable behavior on the forum you're using. Some forums may frown upon this and construe it as spammy behavior.

4)Platform and coin specific tipping.

Although this is called The Complete Social Media Tipping Guide, there are just to many individual tipbots, and social platforms to list every bot or platform for tipping. The best way to find tipbots or the tipping community on your preferred social platform is to simply do a search for tipbot on your preferred social site.

On twitter you can use @TipDoge for dogecoin, @pndtip for pandacoin, @tipreddcoin for reddcoin, whitepuma of course, and the list goes on and on. The HTML5coin community is working on their own tipbot which should be released very soon. Do a twitter search of tipbot and see if a tipbot is available for your favorite coin.

On reddit the dogetipbot is very popular and reddcoin has a tipbot. You can always look into your favorite coin community on reddit and see if they have a tipbot. If not get some people together and start one.

My understanding about G+ and Facebook is that the social networks have to share API keys with the developers in order for the tipbots to work. So if your social network isn't crazy about that idea, no tipbot. Remember though you can always just send tips directly to your friends wallets. Tipbots just make it easy and are great way to introduce people to cryptocurrencies.

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